It is in the mystery and purity of the most rare essences that the aura of luxury reaches the sublime.
Say nothing, to better feel and explore the infinite of the absolute.
Let yourself be possessed by this exquisite revelation.

Our expertise is in selecting the most precious elements and then concentrating them into their absolute, essential form: "l'Absolu".

The others perfumes by Absolument Parfumeur

  • Luxury overdose le parfum

    The most recent creation by Absolument Parfumeur is Luxury Overdose, a fragrance imbued with mystery and secrecy.

  • Luxury overdose le parfum

    This perfume which has in it the DNA of extravagant luxury, combines oriental and powdered top notes, initiating both chic and fresh notes.
    The sensual black Bottle with a soft touch has a golden zamac cap, sealing the enchanting, intense and decadent fragrance.

  • Luxury overdose le parfum

    In the line of Absinthe, the signature of the house, the formula contains Artemisia, an aphrodisiac plant that belongs to the same family.

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